Exhibition: 'Drive Line' Andrew Chapman at Ford Broadmeadows

A photographic exhibition which documents production in the lead up to the Ford Broadmeadows Assembly Plant’s closure will open in Melbourne’s north-west this Thursday.

The exhibition, featuring images taken by renowned Australian photojournalist Andrew Chapman, will be at the Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery located within the Hume Global Learning Centre – Craigieburn until 29 January 2017.

“The impact of Ford in Hume City was significant when it opened in 1959. It led the way for other industries to the area in the years that followed and consequently encouraged a diverse population influx,” Hume City Council Mayor, Councillor Drew Jessop said.

“Andrew Chapman’s photographic essay at Ford’s iconic Broadmeadows Assembly Plant documents a significant moment in Australia’s manufacturing history.”

Mr Chapman said the exhibition’s iconic photos would become a valuable document for generations to come.

“It was a privilege to photograph workers and the Ford environment. This exhibition is an invaluable record of such an important part of Victoria and its history of manufacturing.

“I met migrants, whose first and only job after coming off the boat was to start work at Ford the following day and stay for the next 30 years. I met fathers and sons working together, people of different nationalities who were firm friends,” Mr Chapman said.

“What I witnessed from all of them was a deep commitment to their product, a love of their craft and a great camaraderie between nationalities.”

The exhibition ‘Drive Line’ runs from 10 November 2016 until 29 January 2017.

Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery
Craigieburn Hume Global Learning Centre
75-95 Central Park Avenue, Craigieburn
Opening times
Monday – Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 1pm - 4pm

Posted on 3:00 PM, 8 November 2016

Updated : 6:04 PM, 8 November 2016

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