Artist Register

Hume City Council maintains a listing of people in Hume City with creative and artistic skills. This Artist Register includes:

  • musicians and singers
  • painters
  • writers
  • weavers
  • actors and dancers
  • sculptors
  • quilters, and many more.

The Artist Register is used to develop art projects, identify training opportunities and share information about local arts programs and events. Any artist who lives, works or studies in Hume City is welcome to join this Artist Register.

If you have any questions about the Artist Register, or would prefer to fill in a hard copy of this form, please call our Arts and Cultural Planner on 9205 2200.

We are keen to include both professional artists and enthusiastic hobbyists.

*Please do not use spaces or dashes when entering phone numbers

Artist Register Form
Privacy statement
Council is collecting this personal information for the purpose of enabling you to be included on Council's Artist Register. The information will be used for the maintenance of a listing of people in Hume City with creative and artistic skills and will not be disclosed to any other party except as required by law or if you have granted consent to share your contact details with other local art groups and artists.
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Updated : 9:43 AM, 25 August 2016

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