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Go To Council's New Engagement Platform

Council has a new engagement platform called Participate Hume. This is the new home for Hume's consultation and engagement. Please take a look.


Hume's Draft Rural Strategy

Consultation has been extended indefinitely – go to the page for more details. Hume City Council’s draft Rural Strategy identifies three key strategies for improving Hume’s rural areas. It creates a shared vision for rural Hume's future over the next 20 years. Please let us know what you think.

Recent Completed Consultations

Keeping Craigieburn on the move

Between December 2018 and February 2019, Council sought community input into local traffic management in two Craigieburn areas. This input helped shape the proposed traffic treatments.


Community Safety Consultation

Council is committed to promoting community safety. We recently asked you about your priority community safety areas.


Craigieburn Sports Stadium and Surrounds Masterplan

Help shape the future of the Craigieburn Sports Stadium and Surrounds site by having your say.

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Keeping Sunbury West On The Move

Council has undertaken a study of traffic issues within the Sunbury West area. After assessing all of the feedback traffic treatments are being proposed. Thank you for letting us know what you thought.


Housing Diversity Strategy

Hume City Council is preparing a Housing Diversity Strategy to both fulfil the community aspirations to age in place and direct development to accessible locations, notably around train stations and activity centres.


Hume Horizons 2040 Major Review

Hume Horizons 2040 is Hume City's long term community plan. This plan has been guiding the direction of Hume City for the past eight years. We are asked for your feedback on the impact Hume Horizons 2040 has had over this time.

Updated : 3:32 PM, 9 May 2018

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