GRAM: Want to find Melbourne’s real Middle Eastern food?

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By Steph Monteith, GRAM Magazine

For some of you, the closest you’ve come to authentic Middle Eastern food is the 3am kebab you woke up next to on Sunday morning. If you’re relying on Google Maps for recommendations, those helpful pins probably send you no further out than Brunswick. Or else there’s that upscale fusion dining where you pay a sultan’s ransom for miniscule Ottolenghi-tapas-style dishes.

Each to their own, but honestly? You’re missing out. Because that’s not ‘how mother used to make it’, and sometimes you just want genuine, home-style Middle Eastern. You want the real deal. It’s time to think outside the Halal Snack Pack. If you want to find the best tastes of the Middle East, you’ve got to head north.

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Updated : 10:00 AM, 12 December 2019

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