Animals and Fireworks

Fireworks are fun for most humans, but they can have the opposite effect on pets. Many dogs and cats are terrified by the noise and lights of fireworks and other festivities. For some of these pets, they are so distressed that their first reaction is to try and escape from their properties.

If you own a dog, please take special care of your pet when you know a public fireworks display is due to happen. Each New Year's Eve dozens of dogs are found wandering the streets of Hume after being spooked by fireworks and breaking out of their backyards. Every year our Animal Management Officers help reunite animals and owners.

Here are just some of the ways you can keep your pets safe during fireworks and other festivities:

  • contain your animal in your house or garage overnight
  • ensure there is a comfortable bed, plenty of water and some food available if you are going out on New Year's Eve or Australia Day, leave your pet with a friend or family member who is not going out
  • consider leaving the tv on or playing some background music
  • do a thorough check of your backyard in the morning, ensuring all gates are closed and secure
  • try and take your dog for a big walk or get some exercise at a off-leash park or reserve
  • ensure your pet wears appropriate identification and registration tags at all times, just in case they do escape.

If you see a stray animal wandering the streets, please contact Council on 9205 2200.


Updated : 10:29 AM, 2 January 2019

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