Recycling Service

 Recycling Service

Your recycling bin is emptied fortnightly, on the same day as your garbage bin.

We are updating the colour of our recycling bins. New bins now have a yellow lid to help make it easier to identify recycling bins. Your recycling bin may have a dark green lid or a yellow lid while we complete this process.

Find your bin day

To find out when your bins will be emptied:

Note: Waste collection services do not operate on ANZAC Day, Christmas Day or New Year's Day. If your waste collection day falls on these days, your bin will be collected on the following day.

What can I put in my Recycling Bin?

Please place ONLY these items in your recycling bin:

  • Steel and aluminium cans
    (no aerosols)


  • Paper and cardboard
    (flatten cardboard to allow
    more room in your bin)
Paper and cardboard


  • Milk cartons
    (no juice boxes, UHT milk etc)
Milk and juice cartons


  • Glass bottles and jars
Glass bottles and jars


  • Rigid and semi-rigid plastics
    (hard plastic containers
    numbered 1 - 5)
Plastic bottles and containers
  • Lids (remember to remove
    them from jars and bottles first)

Do not put recycling in plastic bags, recycling in
plastic bags cannot be recycled and may be sent
straight to landfill. Make your effort count, place
items loosely in the recycling bin.

Place in bin loosely


The following materials are not acceptable for recycling in your kerbside recycling bin:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastics labelled 6 or 7
  • Polystyrene
  • Window glass, drinking glass and light globes
  • Garbage and food waste
  • Tetra pack cartons, e.g. UHT milk and juice boxes
  • Aerosol cans


How do I know which plastics I can recycle?

If you’re unsure if you can recycle a rigid or semi-rigid plastic, turn it over and check if it has a recycling symbol with a number in the centre of it. Council will accept rigid and semi-rigid plastics with numbers from 1-5. Plastics 6 and 7 are to go in the general waste bin. 


Contamination Notices



Council operates a bin inspection program to reduce incorrect items (contaminants) in recycling bins.

Placing incorrect items in your recycling bin causes health and safety issues at the sorting facility, slows down the sorting process and can cause entire truckloads of recyclables to be sent to landfill (tip). If your bin has incorrect items a sticker will be placed on the bin to notify you. If you get a contamination sticker please check to see what items should be removed.

Please remove these items before calling us on 9205 2200 to arrange for your recycling to be collected. Residents who continue to place the wrong items in their recycling bins may have their recycling service cancelled and may receive a fine (infringement notice). 



What colour should my recycling bin be?

Council is currently in the process of updating the colour of our recycling bin lids to yellow, this will make it easier to identify the recycling bin. Recycling bins may now have dark green or yellow lids.

How do I arrange a new Recycling Service or change my current service?

Additional recycling bins are available for an annual fee of $66.00 per year. If you are currently renting in Hume, your property owner will need to approve any changes to the waste services.

If you have more than five people living at your house or have a medical condition you may be entitled to a free additional or larger recycling bin.

To begin a new waste service or make a change to your waste service, please complete the waste services request form waste services request form and return it to us by email or drop it into one of our Customer Service Centres.

If you have an electronic copy of your Certificate of Occupancy, you can complete the below online form to have a garbage and a recycle bin delivered.

Order bins for a new residential property

If you would prefer the Waste Service Request form to be mailed to you contact us on 9205 2200.

Can I share my Recycling Bin?

If you live in a unit or flat you may like to share a bin with your neighbours to minimise space. For further information on this option contact us on 9205 2200.

Missed Collections

If your bin is missed on the scheduled collection day please call us on 9205 2200. Please wait until after 4pm on your collection day to report a missed bin. Our trucks are out collecting until 4pm and will sometimes drive their route a different way which may change your usual collection time.  You can use the below form to report your missed bin after 4pm on your collection day.

Report a Missed Bin

Trucks will not return to collect bins that were not placed out in time. Bins must be placed out before 5.30am on the day of collection or the night before.

Stolen or Damaged Bins

To report a damaged bin, call us on 9205 2200. Council will replace or repair your bin if it is damaged. 

If your bin has been stolen you will need to complete a Statutory Declaration and return it to Council so we can arrange a new bin. Statutory Declarations need to be signed by one of the following people: Justice of the Peace, Pharmacist, Police officer, Court registrar, Bank manager, Medical practitioner or Dentist.

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