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Love your garden? You can pay for an extra bin for your green waste from the garden. We have two sizes to suit your needs, a 140L or 240L bin. The garden waste bin is emptied fortnightly, on the alternate week to your recycling bin.

We are updating the colour of our organics bins. New bins now have a bright green lid to help make it easier to identify organics bins. Your organics bin may have a bright green lid or a maroon lid while we complete this process.

Find your bin day

To find out when your bin will be emptied: 

Note: Waste collection services do not operate on ANZAC Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If your waste collection day falls on these days, your bin will be collected on the following day.

How do I arrange an Organics Bin?

If you own the property complete the waste services request form to arrange an organics bin service.

If you are currently renting in Hume and would like an organics bin, your property owner is responsible for applying for an organics service. If you are interested in obtaining an organics bin please contact your property owner.

What are the costs of an Organics Bin?

The current charges for Hume's organics service are: 

Bin Type

Bin Size

2019/20 Annual Cost


140 litre


240 litre



What can I put in my Organics Bin?

Only the following items can be placed in your organics bin:

  •  Fruit and vegetable scraps
Fruit and vegetable scraps


  •  Small branches and twigs
    (maximum branch thickness is 10 cm)
Small branches and twigs


  •  Grass clippings
Grass clippings


  •  Leaves


  •  Garden prunings and weeds
Garden prunnings and weeds

To recycle your organic waste at home visit our page about composting and worm farms.

 The following materials are NOT acceptable in organics bins:

  • Plant pots
  • Soil
  • Wire and string
  • Plastic bags
  • Large tree branches
  • Garbage
  • Meat and cooked food.

Where do my organics go?

A new green waste processing facility has just opened in Bulla and will process materials from 11 Councils in the north-west region of Melbourne. This state of the art facility is operated by Veolia Environmental Services and will be able to recycle 85,000 tonnes of green waste each year in to compost, mulch and soil products.


Hume City Council is a part of the Back to Earth Initiative. Visit the Back to Earth website or watch the video below to find out about your green waste's journey from kerbside back to earth.

Find your bin day

Want to know your bin day or when your organics will be collected? Check out the 'know my bin day' section of the website.

Alternatively, Council's Waste Guide provides information about your collection schedule and other waste disposal services.

Note: Waste collection services do not operate on ANZAC Day,Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If your waste collection day falls on these days, your bin will be collected on the following day.

Free Tree Mulching

For larger branches, Council conducts eighteen mulching days throughout the year. For further information on these days please visit our tree mulching page.

Can I compost at home?

Yes! council subsidies compost bins, worm farms and Bokashi bins. To find out where you can claim this discount and how to get your compost started visit our Composting page.

What do I do if my bin is stolen or damaged?

To report a damaged bin, call us on 9205 2200. Council will replace or repair your bin if it is damaged. 

Missed Bin?

If we missed your bin, you can report it by calling us on 9205 2200. Please wait until after 2pm on your collection day to report a missed bin. Our trucks are out collecting until 2pm and will sometimes drive their route a different way which may change your usual collection time. You can use the below form to report your missed bin after 2pm on your collection day.

Report a Missed Bin

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