Graffiti & Litter

Hume is committed to creating a clean and tidy city - and we need your help. You can help us clean up litter and graffiti by reporting it as soon as you see it. There are three easy ways for you to report litter and graffiti to Council:

Litter and graffiti make an area look untidy and uncared for. Studies have shown that small crimes, such as littering, can lead to more serious crimes if left unattended. To help deter litter and graffiti in your area, there are some things you can do around your home:

Rapidly remove litter and graffiti

Maintaining your property and removing any litter and graffiti quickly sends a message that you are proud of your property and reduces any recognition time for the graffiti.

Council provides free graffiti removal kits for residents to help clean up small areas of graffiti. To obtain a kit, visit a Customer Service Centre or complete an application form and return it to a Customer Service Centre with proof of Hume residency. Please note that kits cannot be mailed out. There are two types of kits available -  for sensitive surfaces, such as painted walls and fences, and brick and masonry surfaces.

For larger areas of graffiti, Council has a graffiti removal trailer that targets hot spots such as parks, playgrounds, shop fronts, buildings, fences and laneways.

To help clean up litter in your local area you can register a site with Clean Up Australia by visiting Clean Up Australia will send you a pack to help you set up a clean up site, which includes gloves and bags, and Council can collect the rubbish for you at the end of your event. For further information, contact Council’s Waste and Litter Education Officer on 9205 2200 or visit the Clean Up Australia website:

Improve lighting

Well-lit areas deter criminal activity. Lighting up areas of your property that may be a target for graffiti or illegal dumping can help reduce these crimes.

Wall and fence coverings

Plants, dark colours and uneven materials can all help deter graffiti on your property. For more ideas on how to deter graffiti on your walls and fences.

For further information on graffiti, Council has put together a series of fact sheets or you can view our Graffiti Management Strategy below:

Removing graffiti

Graffiti Management Strategy 2014
Graffiti Management Policy 2008.pdf


How do I request a new Litter Bin or Smokers Pole?

To request a new litter bin or smokers pole, please send your request to us in writing via email or call us on 9205 2200. Please include the location and reason for installation in your request. All requests for litter bins and smokers poles will be reviewed and you will be contacted with the outcome of the review. 

Updated : 10:05 AM, 19 July 2018

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