Waste Education Programs

School waste incursions

Council, in partnership with CERES education, provides a range of free waste and environmental education programs for schools, kindergartens and early learning centres.

These sessions teach students how our waste impacts the environment and steps they can take to reduce waste and save resources. Topics cover reuse and correct recycling behaviour, litter prevention and composting and worm farming. 


Sessions and topics

The 4 R's - Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Kinder/ELC)

  • Transform into a waste warrior or recycling super hero
  • Learn the "4 R's Dance"
  • Play sorting games to discover what belongs in landfill, recycling, green waste and compost

Farm to Fork (Kinder/ELC)

  • Handle a real worm and learn how to make healthy soil
  • Plant a seed and watch it grow
  • Stretch out during seed Yoga to learn the life-cycle of a plant
  • Dress up as a buzzy bee and pollinate plants

The 4 R's - Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Foundation - Grade 2)

  • Explore new exciting perspectives
  • Investigate why the first R's are the most important
  • Learn about nature's best recyclers - worms
  • Play the Rethink Challenge Game
  • Learn the 4 R's Rap

Worms and Minibeasts (Foundation - Grade 6)

  • Explore the types of waste at your school and home
  • Hold a real worm and learn about its role in the composting cycle 
  • Hunt for minibeasts and learn about food webs and their importance to a healthy environment
  • Learn about the life cycle of food
  • Learn how to keep worm farms and compost heaps healthy

Rivers Tale (Foundation - Grade 4)

  • Explore the life of a river and and discover why it is so important to conserve freshwater
  • Become a character in the river's tale and learn how you can positively or negatively influence the health of a creek
  • Learn about the water cycle, and find out the fundamental role rivers and creeks play in this global movement of water

Waste timeline and in the bin (Grade 3-6)

  • Discover how everyday choices can have a long lasting effect on the environment
  • Investigate how long it takes common pieces of packaging, rubbish and other household items to breakdown
  • Play "in the bin," a waste-busting team game to sort the contents of an average bin 

Consumer Detectives (Grade 5-6)

  • Conduct a food miles audit on a meal
  • Judge the Dump Awards for products with excessive packaging
  • Audit the waste in an average lunchbox
  • Investigate alternatives to plastic

Waste Student Environment Leadership Program (Grade 7-10)

  • Develop and deliver sustainability projects
  • Explore and learn about sustainable waste
  • Complete a school waste audit to find out what’s happening at school
  • Create an action plan to create change at school
  • Design and build a project to improve sustainability at school 


Bookings are limited.

For further information contact the CERES Education Outreach team at education@ceres.org.au.

School recycling

Schools can have the following free recycling services:

  • One free recycling bin (240L or the equivalent in 140L bins) per 30 students, to a maximum of 10 bins and either:
  • Two kerbside organics bins OR
  • Two compost bins and one worm farm

For other ideas about how to turn your school green go to the Live Green Teachers' Network page.

Updated : 4:09 PM, 18 February 2020

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