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Helping local schools turn green

Hume City Council offers a range of programs to assist local schools and early childhood centres to engage students around sustainability and to create more sustainable learning environments.

Schools for Nature Summit and Incursions / Excursions

Government Primary schools in Hume can apply to send 10 students to the Schools for Nature student leadership summit on Wednesday 28 October. Students will present their school’s sustainability project at the summit and receive a free follow-up incursion and excursion.

Government schools who are not already participating in the ResourceSmart Schools program are eligible to apply. Expressions of interest for the summit are now open – send an outline (no more than two pages) of the sustainability project you’d like to present and how your school will use the knowledge gained to environment@hume.vic.gov.au.

Teachers Environment Network

If you are a teacher in Hume and interested in the environment, join our Teachers' Environment Network by emailing environment@hume.vic.gov.au. The network offers:

  • Free professional development each term, providing teachers with new approaches to engage students on a range of sustainability topics
  • A way to connect with other teachers and learn about local schools’ environmental initiatives.

ResourceSmart Schools

In 2019 Hume City Council is supporting schools and three early learning centres with the ResourceSmart Schools program, a Victorian state government initiative helping schools embed sustainability into their curriculum and school operations.

These schools are Bethal Primary School, Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, Hume Valley School, Killara Primary School and Newbury Primary School, along with Ilim Early Learning Centre, Sunningdale Avenue Children's Centre and Campbellfield Preschool.

Council’s sustainability education resources for schools

To book educational incursions for your school or for other information, please contact the Sustainable Environment Department at environment@hume.vic.gov.au or 9205 2200.

Waste and litter education

Council, in partnership with CERES education, provides a range of free waste and environmental education programs for schools, kindergartens and early learning centres. More info on how to book an incursion here.

Biodiversity education

A range of biodiversity incursions and excursions are available including:

  • indigenous garden planting days
  • introduced species or threatened species activities
  • conservation and ecosystem-based activities
  • biodiversity audits and action planning
  • water quality monitoring and investigations
  • indigenous cultural use of natural resources
  • guided tours of local Conservation Reserves and waterways
  • wildlife and bird surveys.

Seedlings for Schools

Receive free indigenous plants through Council’s Seedlings for Schools program. Application forms are sent out to all schools in Hume and close in late October. Schools can choose to do their planting the following year in Term 2 or for Schools National Tree Day in late July.

Volcano Dreaming

The Volcano Dreaming mural is available for schools to hire for free, with educational resources provided (for Grades 3 to 6). The mural is made from 12 pull-up banners, measuring 12m long and 2m high, and it must be set-up indoors as it is not weather-proof. It shows the plants and animals of the native grasslands and grassy woodlands found across Victoria’s volcanic landscape.

Download free sustainable gardening books (55 pages), including a local plant identification guide.

Energy and transport education

Free thermometers for heating and cooling investigations.

Learn about sustainable travel options using TravelSmart maps for Broadmeadows, Craigieburn and Sunbury.

Food and gardening education

Free gardening books and gardening instruction sheets on topics such as wicking planters boxes, growing plants from seeds and more. 


Student Leadership programs through high school students’ participation in the Australian Youth Climate Coalition’s programs and primary school students' participation in Melbourne Water's Kids Teaching Kids conference.

Other sustainability education resources for schools

CERES Sustainability Hub
The hub offers loads of teaching resources, inspiring stories on what other schools are doing and much more.

Cool Australia
A vast range of award-winning education for sustainability resources linked to the school curriculum.

Planet Ark
Loads of great resources for you to engage your school through National Recycling Week, Schools Tree Day and much more.

A range of biodiversity-related activities available online and a free app to identify grassland plants and animals, including curriculum materials for the Volcano Dreaming mural.

Water education by Yarra Valley Water
A range of educational programs, events and resources for schools for primary and secondary levels and including free school visits, tours and National Water Week events.

Water education by Melbourne Water
Education programs that focus on the urban water cycle to enable students’ understanding of water issues and how to make positive change. Activities support the AusVELS curriculum in science and geography and the water and biodiversity modules in ResourceSmart Schools.

Origin Energy for schools
Origin Energy’s teaching materials are cross-curricula and designed to be flexible enough to incorporate into existing programs or use to build an energy-themed program at any year level.

Australian Organic Schools
Access free, easy-to-use school garden resources suitable for primary and middle years throughout Australia.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program
The SAKG program offers teaching resources to support the delivery of pleasurable food education in primary schools.

Environmental Education in Early Childhood
This not-for-profit organisation provides provides support, resources and professional development in relation to Education for Sustainability in the Early Years.

Environment Education Victoria
Environment Education Victoria (EEV) is the professional association of educators for sustainability. EEV promotes the development of environmental education and sustainable behaviour change.

Updated : 3:55 PM, 4 May 2020

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