Wildlife in Hume

Native animals are an important part of Hume’s natural heritage and are vital to the healthy function of our ecosystems. Hume’s location on the urban fringe means it is not uncommon to see native animals in our everyday life.

Unfortunately, sightings of some species such as snakes or magpies, can cause residents to feel fear and they can be seen as intruding and a danger to us and our property. It is important to remember that we need to coexist with wildlife. Under the Wildlife Act 1975, it is illegal to kill, harm or interfere with native animals without a permit.

Council has included a range of fact sheets below to help you learn more about what to do if you spot a kangaroo, magpie, snake, possum, corella and cockatoo or fruit bat. Council has also introduced a free pilot snake relocation program to remove snakes from residential areas and on residential properties. This program will be trialled in Hume throughout the warmer months. Find out more about the program below.

Summer Snake Safety

Snakes are active throughout summer and will often seek warm places such as concreted surfaces and dry, open areas to sunbake.

If you see a snake within a public facility, such as a playground or building, let us know and Council will employ a professional snake catcher to relocate the snake to a suitable habitat nearby.

On 2 November 2018, Council introduced a FREE pilot snake relocation program to relocate snakes found in residential areas and on residential properties. Find out more about the program at hume.vic.gov.au/snakesafety

Please be aware, most snake bites happen when people are trying to kill or move the snake, so please refrain from doing this.

If you have any concerns about snakes on public land or your property, contact Council on 9205 2200 for advice, safety tips and removal.

Fact Sheets about Living with Wildlife:

  1. Kangaroos
  2. Magpies
  3. Snakes
  4. Possums
  5. Corellas and Cockatoos
  6. Fruit Bats
  7. Please don't feed the birds


Wildlife Handlers in Hume

  • For information on wildlife handlers, please consult the Yellow Pages.


Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation 

  • Report a wildlife emergency to Wildlife Victoria
    • Phone 03 8400 7300 or report directly through an online form
    • Download the Snap Send Solve app for iPhone and Android devices to easily submit images, precise geolocation and relevant notes about the animal and the situation in less than 30 seconds
  • Help for Injured Wildlife Tool
    • This tool developed by DELWP will help you locate and contact the closest relevant wildlife carers and rehabilitation organisations to help injured native wildlife in Victoria.Creating Growling Grass Frog Habitat
  • Download the fact sheet about farm dam restoration for the Growling Grass Frog:


Fauna surveys


Further reading:

For more information contact Council's Sustainable Environment Department on 9205 2200.


Updated : 3:03 PM, 24 July 2019

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