Summer Snake Safety

When walking in known snake areas, wear long pants or clothing, covered shoes and stay on paths.

What to do if you see a snake in a public area or your property

  • Stay calm, do NOT panic. If you stand still the snake is not likely to hurt you
  • Do NOT approach or attempt to catch or kill the snake
  • When safe to do so calmly move away from the snake to a safe distance and keep it under observation
  • Keep children, pets and others away from the area containing the snake.

While snake bites are rare, they do pose a serious health risk if the species is venomous. If you have been bitten by a snake call 000 immediately for emergency assistance and advice over the phone while an Ambulance is dispatched. If someone has been bitten by a snake administer First Aid when safe to do so.

Snakes can be a problem for your pets, but usually only if the pet attacks first. Anti-venom is available from vets if pets do get bitten.

Snake relocation service

Throughout the warmer months, Council engages a professional snake catcher to relocate snakes found in public and residential areas to suitable habitat nearby. This service is now available for Spring 2020 - Autumn 2021. Contact Customer Service on 9205 2200 for more information. 

Updated : 2:17 PM, 18 September 2020

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