Sustainability Report 2017/18
Read about how our environment is faring and what the Hume community and Council are doing to reduce carbon emissions, live greener and help the environment.
Pathways to Sustainability Framework 2015-2019
Council’s is committed to the environment and recognises the community’s concerns for future sustainability. The Framework will assist as we make decisions together which will affect not only us but future generations.
Environmental Strategy Documents
Council's Sustainable Environment Department works across many areas to ensure best outcomes for Hume's environment under a number of frameworks. These documents are all accessible here.
Hume's Urban Forest
Urban forests are composed of trees and other vegetation that provide cities and suburban areas with a broad range of environmental, economic and social benefits. The Urban Forest Principles will be applied across a broad range of Council strategies and policies to guide the protection and enhancement of Hume’s Urban Forest.

Updated : 3:26 PM, 7 June 2019

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