Garbage Collection
Your rubbish bin is collected weekly, on the same day each week
Recycling Service
We provide a fortnightly collection of recyclable materials to all Hume residents. A 240L dark green bin is provided for recycling (dark green lid).
Organic Green Waste
Our Green (Organic) Waste Service is optional and you pay extra for this service. You may choose a 140L or 240L dark red bin for organics.
Hard Rubbish Collection
Council provides a free hard rubbish service to Hume households.
Landfill (Tips) & Recycling Centres
Our Landfill and Recycling Centres are open everyday from 8am - 4pm.
Join the Composting Community
Composting landing page to overview composting and worm farming and how to reduce food waste.
Graffiti & Litter
Help keep Hume clean and tidy. Order a graffiti removal kit for private property.
Take your e-waste to a better place
Discover how the precious materials from e-waste can be recovered to be reused and the nasty bits can be captured before they do harm.

Updated : 4:10 PM, 3 April 2013

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