Land and Biodiversity Plan 2015-2019
Council works to protect Hume's diverse biodiversity values including threatened vegetation, wildlife, sites of cultural and geological significance, our ancient River Red Gums, and the deep waterway and valleys of the volcanic plains.
Conservation programs and information
Council has a range of programs which aim to protect the natural heritage of Hume. Fact sheets and resources on the natural environment will assist the community to help protect the environment as well.
Wildlife in Hume
Native wildlife and people often share the same space in an urban or rural environment, and this can sometimes lead to conflict. Council encourages residents to learn to live harmoniously with wildlife by adopting simple strategies to minimise the conflict.
Hume Field Guides
Hume's field guides contain native and introduced species commonly found across Hume’s woodlands, waterways, grasslands, and farms, as well as in urban parks and backyards.
Summer Snake Safety
Find out more about how to stay safe around snakes and what to do if you spot a snake on your property or in a public place.
Living with Kangaroos
Kangaroos inhabit rural areas and many parklands across Hume City. As urban development expands, human encounters with kangaroos will increase. Find out more on how to keep yourself and kangaroos safe and who to call if you do encounter a kangaroo.

Updated : 4:08 PM, 2 March 2017

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