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River Red Gum stress

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River Red Gums, with their thick trunks and gnarled limbs, are iconic, majestic features of the Hume landscape. Numerous rural properties still feature scattered River Red Gums, and these beautiful trees have captured the hearts of many.

Red Gums are a large eucalypt tree. They can grow up to 45m tall but usually grow to 20–30m and they can live for 500–1000 years.

Red Gum forests and wetlands provide valuable habitat for biodiversity. These trees are important breeding, nesting and feeding grounds for a range of bird species. Native mammals, such as echidnas and kangaroos, make their homes in the shelter of these trees.

Over the decades this versatile tree has survived long-term drought, urban development and fire and today they face new challenges within the Hume landscape; significant stress from possums and lerps.

For further information, please see our River Red Gum Stress Fact Sheet.

Updated : 3:22 PM, 8 February 2017

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