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Hume Youth Services is part of a well-connected and robust youth sector that is supported by Council’s 0 – 24 Framework and various professional networks and partnerships that work together for positive outcomes for children, young people and families.

The following are key youth networks which bring workers from different sectors together (including education, employment, health, welfare, recreation, legal, indigenous, multicultural and case management) to strengthen the youth sector in Hume:




The concept of the Hume Youth Commitment (HYC) was developed by the Hume Whittlesea Local Learning & Employment Network (HWLLEN) as a strategic response to the diversity of approaches to employment and youth transition in the City of Hume in 2007.

The HYC aims to engage the community to provide real and diverse education and employment opportunities for the young people of Hume. HYC is committed to providing young people with the opportunity and support to complete Year 12 or its equivalent and to implement strategies that promote a seamless transition to either further education or the workplace.

HYC now has more than 80 partners and has been instrumental in assisting more than 3,000 young people re-engage in education, training and employment.

Click here for more information on the HYC.


Tangible Connections (TCN) is an email network which provides daily email updates on information relevant to the youth sector in Hume. The email list consists of over 150 organisations and is open to anyone working with young people or their families. The network meets once a term for face to face networking and professional development over lunch.

Tangible Connections is a partnership initiative supported by Hume Whittlesea LLEN, Hume City Council and DPV Health - School Focused Youth Service. To join the TCN mailing list contact Jenny Bazzano at or call 9309 5500.


The Sunbury Youth Network meets quarterly and is a forum for workers who engage with youth in Sunbury. Meetings aim to share information and local program updates, develop partnerships, network and discuss shared responses to local issues. Through this network, youth mental health has been identified as a priority area of action. 

For information regarding the Sunbury Youth Network (SYN), please contact the Youth Counsellor at Sunbury Community Health Service on 9744 4455. 


The Connected & Committed guide offers a snapshot of the key partnerships, networks and committees which support children, young people and families. It contains links to useful websites and a calendar of events which is updated quarterly.

For further information about networks and services for children, youth and families, please contact Council’s Participation and Partnerships Officer on 9205 2885.


Updated : 3:28 PM, 18 February 2020

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