Desexing Your Pet

Many dogs and cats are bred by accident, this is because pet owners do not get around to desexing them. Thousands of healthy dogs and cats are put to sleep each year in Australia and this is because not enough homes can be found for them.

There are many benefits to desexing your dog or cat , they include:

  • cannot breed and therefore cannot add to the increasing numbers of stray and unwanted pets
  • discount on your council pet registration fees for the life of your animal,
  • have significant good behaviour compared to undesexed pets. Good pet behaviour means they are less likely to be a problem to the community
  • have reduced aggressive and dominant behaviour particularly in male dogs. This means they are more manageable and reduces the risk of dog attacks
  • are less likely to roam from their owner's property
  • have a reduced chance in contracting cancers.

For more benefits on desexing your dog or cat, please contact your local vet for more information.

Council Desexing Voucher Scheme

To assist pet owners with the cost involved in desexing as it can be expensive, Council offers reduced fee desexing vouchers to Hume residents who hold a concession card. The valid concession cards are:

  • Health Care card,
  • Pension Concession Card, and 
  • DVA Gold Card

To obtain a desexing voucher your dog or cat will be required to be registered with Council first. Once your dog or cat is registered, you will need to visit one of Council's Customer Service Offices with your concession card.

The voucher is only valid for one month from date of issue.When booking your appointment just make sure you let your vet know you have a desexing voucher.

Mobile Cat Desexing


Hume City Council is proud to be working with Lost Dogs Home to provide low-cost cat desexing. MADI is a fully equipped mobile vet surgery that visits Hume throughout the year, desexing and microchipping cats for only $50 (concessions may also apply).

 Click here to see when MADI is going to be in your area next. If there are no upcoming events listed in your area, you can email with your name, suburb, contact number and your cats name, age and sex. You will then be notified when MADI is coming to your area.


Updated : 2:56 PM, 6 August 2018

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