Lost & Found Pets
If your pet is lost call Council (even after hours) on phone 9205 2200 or the Lost Dogs' Home on 9329 2755.
Register Your Pet
It's time to renew or register your pet today! Renewal letters are in the mail with registrations due by Wednesday 10 April.
Update Your Pets Details
Information on how to update your pets details.
Keeping Multiple Animals
How to apply for a permit to keep more than the allowed number of animals.
Barking Dogs & Cat Traps
What you can do about barking dogs and find out more about Council's cat trapping program to help capture any stray, un-owned, feral or nuisance cats.
Dog Attacks
What to do in the event of a dog attack.
Dangerous, Menacing & Restricted Dogs
Animal owners must be aware of the legislation and take responsibility for their dogs.
Desexing Your Pet
Get your pet desexed at a discounted rate from a participating vet before the summer breeding season.
Problems with Animals & Other Animals
Information about problem animals, wildlife and keeping other animals as pets.
Kids Corner
Help children learn how to look after their pets.
Dogs in Parks
Discover where you can exercise your dog on and off-leash in Hume City.

Updated : 1:43 PM, 1 July 2019

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