Recharge Scheme

The Recharge Scheme is a MetroAccess initiative which invites businesses to provide a power point for people to recharge the batteries of their electric wheelchair or scooter. There are many people within Hume who have restricted access and rely on these vehicles as a means of transport.

The batteries on electric wheelchairs and scooters last only a few hours, and so having many accessible Recharge locations throughout the Hume City area will allow people to travel for longer and be more active in the community.

Businesses in the local area have been invited to provide an accessible power point and a space around it so that people can wait while they recharge the batteries on their electric wheelchair or scooter. All businesses involved in the Recharge Scheme display a Recharge sticker on their shop window. This allows people to know that the business is a Recharge location. A one hour Recharge costs businesses less than 20 cents, and provides a service that makes a big difference to the lives of many people.

For further information visit the Recharge website at which has a full listing of all the recharge points around Hume or you can download the locations below.

If you would like your business to be involved in the Recharge program contact the Metro Access Project Officer on 9205 2200 or

New Recharge Point

The Brotherhood of St Laurence, 120 Hothlyn Drive, Craigieburn.

Recharge Points - Broadmeadows.pdf
Recharge Points - Craigieburn.pdf
Recharge Points - Sunbury.pdf

Updated : 10:48 AM, 15 March 2018

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