Hume City Council Multicultural Framework

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The Multicultural Framework is Council’s commitment to take a whole-of-organisation approach to responding to the needs of the community, including established migrant communities and newly arrived and emerging communities. It provides direction and sets expectations for how Council will assist and better support diverse communities in Hume City. 

 The Framework encourages the consideration of diversity across all Council strategies, action plans, service and activity planning. Through this Framework, Council will continue to take a leadership role in how cultural diversity is celebrated in all aspects of life in Hume City. 

Four Framework Goals are outlined in the document, highlighting within each a set of principles and practices. These will guide Council to deliver stronger outcomes for Hume’s multicultural community. The four framework goals are: are:

1. A harmonious community
2. An informed organisation
3. A culturally responsive organisation
4. An accessible Council

Download the Multicultural Framework here.

Updated : 10:16 AM, 18 October 2019

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