Smoke-free outdoor dining

Smoking is now banned in all outdoor dining areas in Victoria while food is available.   

Smoking will be banned:
  • in outdoor areas at hospitality and food venues used for eating food. This includes footpath dining areas, courtyards during times food is being eaten, or is available to be eaten
  • in all outdoor areas at food fairs. A food fair is an event where the principal activity is the supply of food for consumption at the event
  • in outdoor areas within 10 metres of a food stall or food vendor at organised events (other than a food fair). 

Download smoke-free outdoor dining areas factsheets 
Factsheet for the community  - a summary of the new smoke-free outdoor dining laws for the community 
Factsheet for organisers of food fairs and events- a summary of the smoking ban in outdoor dining areas at food fairs and other organised events
Factsheet for businesses  - general guidance on the smoking ban in outdoor dining areas for businesses

For more information, visit Vic Health's Ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas.  

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Updated : 11:25 AM, 4 August 2017

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