Health Premises

Hairdressers, Beauty Parlours and Skin Penetration Establishments

Personal care and body art businesses should supply professional, competent, safe and hygienic practices in clean premises.  Unsafe or unhygienic practices can lead to the spread of infectious diseases that can affect the health of the client as well as jeopardise the health of the operator. Illnesses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS can spread by blood-to-blood contact, so it is essential for staff to understand the precautions required for any procedure that may involve skin penetration and possible blood contamination.

Infection may also be spread during procedures that do not involve skin penetration. These infections include staphylococcal infections such as impetigo, the wart and herpes viruses, and fungal infections such as tinea.

Please contact the Public Health Service if:

  • you think you've contracted a skin condition or infectious disease from a Public Health & Wellbeing Act establishment;
  • you have seen unhygienic Public Health & Wellbeing Act premises or practices in the municipality

It will help if you can provide specific details of the problems you have observed when making your complaint. In the case of a suspected skin condition or infectious disease, you should contact your doctor as well as reporting the problem to Public Health Services. Council only has jurisdiction of Public Health & Wellbeing Act premises within its boundaries. If you have a complaint with a business located outside Hume City Council, please contact the relevant Council where the premises are located.

Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) carry out routine inspections, under the Public Health & Wellbeing Act 2008, of businesses that conduct hairdressing, beauty therapy, tattooing and body piercing. These businesses are registered by Council and are assessed to ensure correct hygienic practices are carried out and are complying with standards of practice. New businesses are required to submit plans prior to fit out of the premises for approval and those purchasing an existing business must submit a transfer of registration form.


PHWB Act Application Form.pdf

 An Application for registration form will be provided once final inspection of premises has been completed. You can download a copy of the Infection prevention and control guidelines for hair, beauty, tattooing and skin pen industries.



Premises that provide accommodation are registered by Council and are routinely assessed by EHOs to ensure compliance with legislation and relevant standards.

Accomodation pic.jpg

Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools

We routinely assesses all public swimming and spa pools within the municipality for compliance with the relevant regulations and standards. We ensure that operators are aware of the relevant standards so that water quality is maintained to safe levels. On-site testing and sampling is conducted by our EHOs at least annually or if the centre is implicated in an infectious disease outbreak. All complaints are investigated.

Pool operators must ensure that swimming pools and spas open for use to the general public meet specified microbiological standards. You can download further information about swimming pools and spas here.

Infectious Disease Notification

Notifiable diseases are specified under the Public Health & Wellbeing (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 2009 and Medical Practitioners are required by law to notify the Department of Human Services of such cases. The notifications received for Hume City are from Medical Practitioners located within the municipality and are investigated to prevent and contain any potential outbreaks. In general we receive notifications of cases of gastrointestinal illness for investigation when the case resides within the municipality.

Our Environmental Health Officer (EHO) conducts an investigation into the case and may be required to investigate food premises; special care facilities and childcare facilities located within the municipality or otherwise refer investigations through to another municipality when appropriate. Every case of illness is seen as having the potential to be part of an unrecognised cluster or outbreak. We also monitor infectious disease rates within the municipality to track emerging health issues and trends.



Updated : 4:06 PM, 21 July 2020

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