Disabled Parking

There are two types of Disabled Parking Permits

Category One: (Blue Permit)

A blue permit allows permit holders with significant intellectual or ambulatory disabilities to park a vehicle in a bay reserved for disabled motorists, or to park in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time.

Category Two: (Green Permit)

A green permit allows permit holders who require rest breaks when walking to park a vehicle in an ordinary area or bay for twice the specified time. Category Two (green permit) holders are not permitted to park in 'disabled persons' parking bays.

How do I get a Disabled Parking Permit

Disabled Parking permits may be allocated for a driver, passenger or both. To obtain a disabled parking permit an application form needs to be completed by the applicant and their doctor and then returned to us. On return of the application form an assessment criteria set by 'VicRoads' will be utilized to determine what category permit the applicant is eligible for.

Application forms can be obtained from our Customer Service Centres, or by calling us on 9205 2200 or by downloading the Disabled Parking Permit Application form.pdf.

For help with completing the application form and for more information please refer to the Disabled Parking Flyer.pdf

Note: Permits are only issued to residents of Hume City Council. Residents from other Council's need to apply for a disabled parking permit from their own Council.

Damaged Disabled Parking Permits

You can still use your disabled parking permit even if it is damaged as long as the permit number and expiry date are still readable. If a replacement permit is required, the permit should be returned to Customer Service for reprinting with the same expiry date and number. All damaged permits will be replaced upon producing and forfeiting the permit.

Lost or Stolen Disabled Parking Permit

If your Disabled Parking Permit is lost or stolen a Statutory Declaration must be presented and signed by the respective person at one of our Customer Service Centres. On receipt of the statutory declaration another permit will be issued.

What is the difference between a Blue and a Green Disabled Parking Permit?

A Blue permit allows the holder to park in a disabled car park. A Green permit does not allow the holder to park in a disabled car park but provides the holder with double the time period to park in a timed car park.

Why have I been given a Green Disabled Parking Permit and not a Blue one?

Due to the demand level for disabled car parks, Blue disabled Parking Permits are only given to people with significant disability which requires the need of a complex walking aide, or caregiver. Green permits are given to those that require rest breaks when walking.


Parking Persons for People with Disabilities are not automatically renewed, a new application form (including a medical check) must be completed before a new permit will be issued.

Disabled Persons Parking Application.pdf
Disability Permit Application - Organisations.doc
Disabled Parking Flyer.pdf
VicRoads information on disability parking

Updated : 11:36 AM, 31 May 2016

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