Local Laws

Local Laws play an important role in helping to improve our neighbourhoods, community safety and ensure local issues are dealt with in a fair and equitable manner.

Hume City Council's City Laws Department, through education and enforcement, ensures that Local Laws, State Acts and Regulations are adhered.

General Local Laws

General Local Law No.1 - 2013
Domestic Waste Collection Code
Clothing Recycle Bins Code of Practice
Building and Works Code of Practice
Scareguns Code of Practice
Garage Sale Code of Practice

General Local Law No.1 - 2013

The purpose of the Council's General Local Law No.1 - 2013 is to provide:

  • Peace, order and good government of the municipality;
  • Safety and health of the municipality so that the community can enjoy a quality of life that meets its expectations;
  • Safe and fair use and enjoyment of municipal places;
  • Protection and enhancement of the amenity and environment of the municipality;
  • Fair and reasonable use and enjoyment of private land; and
  • Uniform and fair administration of this Local Law.

 Roads and Municipal Places

  • Behaviour       
  • Council Signs 
  • Dog Excrement         
  • Alcohol           
  • Collections     
  • Clothing Recycling Bins         
  • Amusements
  • Bulk Waste Containers          
  • Repair of Vehicles     
  • Motorised Vehicle      
  • Boats  
  • Trading Activities       
  • Obstruction on Roads
  • Property Numbering  
  • Parks, Gardens & Reserves


  • Dangerous and Unsightly Land   
  • Caravans and Camping 
  • Open Air Burning         
  • Heavy Motor Vehicles           
  • Unregistered and Abandoned Vehicles     
  • Household Goods         
  • Waste
  • Filling of Land          
  • Scareguns
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Shipping containers and skip or bulk waste containers
  • Garage Sales
  • Smoke free areas 

 Asset Protection

  • Compliance with Code       
  • Asset Protection Permit


  • Numbers 
  • Wasp nests
  • Housing
  • Wandering Stock    


  • Permits
  • Direction of Authorised Officer
  • Power of Authorised Officer - Urgent Circumstances
  • Impounding


  • Offences under this Local Law 
  • Infringement Notices under this Local Law
  • Penalties under this Local Law

Governance Local Law - 2013

Code of Conduct for Councillors
Governance Local Law - 2013
Code of Meeting Procedures

The purpose of the Governance Local Law - 2013 is to:

  • Regulate proceedings at Council Meetings, Committee Meetings and other meetings conducted by or on behalf of the Council where Council has resolved that the provisions of the Local Law are to apply;
  • Regulate and prohibit unauthorised use of the Common Seal;
  • Provide for the administration of Council powers and functions.

General purport of the Governance Local Law - 2013 is to:

  • Deliver provisions for the good government of the municipal district and the administration of Council powers and functions;
  • Convey principles within a Code of Conduct as a means of promoting a common understanding amongst Councillors regarding the expectations of conduct when representing the Council and in their dealings with the community, council staff and one another;
  • Govern the conduct at meetings of the Council or Committees through the Code of Meetings Procedure;
  • Make it an offence for a person to use the Common Seal or a device resembling the common seal without the authority of Council;
  • Make it an offence under the Code of Meetings Procedure for any person to fail to obey a direction of the Chairperson relating to the conduct of the meeting or the maintenance of order;
  • Make it an offence under the Code of Meetings Procedure for any person to record proceedings of a Council or Committee meeting without the consent of the Council;
  • Make it an offence under the Code of Meetings Procedure for a Councillor to not withdraw a remark which is considered by the Chairperson to be defamatory, indecent, abusive, offensive, disorderly or objectionable in language, substance or nature, when called upon twice by the Chairperson to do so;
  • Make it an offence under the Code of Meetings Procedure for any person, not being a Councillor, who has been called to order for any improper or disorderly conduct to not leave the Council meeting when requested by the Chairperson to do so;
  • Make it an offence under the Code of Meetings Procedure for a Councillor to refuse to leave the Council meeting on suspension. 

Fire Prevention

Major fire threats are a real concern and can cause devastation to human life, animals and the local environment.  All residents can prevent major fires by making their homes fire safe. This can be done by cutting long grass, trimming and clearing trees and garden waste and disposing of general rubbish properly.

Council encourages all residents to clear their property of fire hazards regularly. Everybody has a responsibility to minimise the risks of fire.

Local permits are required for any burns on land less than 2 hectares (5 acres).

During the declared Fire Danger Period a permit to burn is also required for burns on land larger than 2 hectares (5 acres).

To apply for a permit to burn use the following link: Local Law Permits & Applications 

Reporting Litter Offences 

Litter is the most visible sign of pollution. It is unsightly, dangerous and can cause injury to people and wildlife. Under Victoria's Environment Protection Act (EPA) 1970, littering is illegal.

If litter is thrown of dropped from a motor vehicle the driver of the vehicle, the registered owner of the vehicle and any person authorised by the owner to use the vehicle can be found guilty of the depositing litter offence.

To report someone littering you can send a signed report to Hume City Council.

Hume City Council can issue the registered vehicle owner with an infringement notice. If the fine is not paid, or if the matter is contested, the owner may be required to give evidence in court.

For more information please see: Report Litter

To report a littering offence, download the Confidential Litter Report Form and return the completed form to:

Hume City Council
PO Box 119
Dallas VIC 3047


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For free legal help and information visit Victoria Law Foundation’s website Everyday-Law.org.au






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