Neighbourhood Houses

Hume’s neighbourhood houses offer educational, social, recreational and support programs for people of all backgrounds, ages and cultures.

To find out about specific programs or for further information contact the neighbourhood house you are interested in via your preferred method using the contact details provided below.

Opening hours and term dates can be found on individual neighbourhood house websites.

Anglicare Broadmeadows Women’s Community House
2 Hadfield Court, Broadmeadows
Ph: 9309 9433
Fax: 9302 4039
Anglicare Broadmeadows Women’s Community House aims
to resource and support women in the local area by offering opportunities for growth and personal discovery and strengthen local families. The Centre supports women to improve their confidence and self-esteem.


Anglicare Broadmeadows Womens Community House


Attwood House Community Centre
202 Erinbank Crescent, Attwood
Ph: 9302 2643
Fax: 9309 6419
Attwood House Community Centre encourages residents to participate in any of the various educational and recreational programs on offer.

Attwood House Community Centre
Banksia Gardens Community Services
71/81 Pearcedale Parade, Broadmeadows
Ph: 9309 8531
Fax: 9302 3604
Banksia Gardens Community Services offers a space to learn new skills, share ideas and experience new activities. The centre host a range of social, recreational and educational programs for people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.


Craigieburn Education and Community Centre Inc
20 Selwyn Avenue, Craigieburn
Ph: 9308 1477
Fax: 9305 7183
Craigieburn Education and Community Centre Inc is a registered training organisation that delivers accredited courses such as First Aid, Information Technology and Business as well as recreational classes, playgroups and occasional childcare.


Craigieburn Education and Community Centre

Dallas Neighbourhood House
180-182 Widford Street, Broadmeadows
Ph: 9302 2131
Dallas Neighbourhood House, situated within Broadmeadows Community Hub, provides high quality education, personal development, leisure and recreation programs in a friendly and supportive local community setting. Services include personal and social support, referral self-help groups, playgroups and volunteer training. They offer a range of adult education programs and accredited courses, arts, crafts and social activities.




Goonawarra Neighbourhood House
8 Gullane Drive, Sunbury
Ph: 9740 6627
Goonawarra Neighbourhood House offers a range of social and recreational programs based on community demands, to provide individuals with the opportunity to learn new skills, form friendship groups and work together to combat social issues of isolation and loneliness. Childcare and other activities are also offered for young families.

Goonawarra Neighbourhood House

The Homestead Community and Learning Centre
30 Whiltshire Drive, Roxburgh Park
Ph: 9205 2760
Fax: 9308 0759
The Homestead Community and Learning Centre is a community hub of learning activity that offers a range of educational, arts and cultural classes, programs and events based on the community demands. The centre encourages lifelong learning and provides pathways for participation while encouraging and promoting individual, community, cultural and religious diversity.


The Homestead


Meadow Heights Learning Shop Inc
3-13 Hudson Circuit, Meadow Heights
Ph: 9301 9200
Fax: 9301 9299
Meadow Heights Learning Shop Inc delivers accredited adult, community and further education courses and community development programs. Its programs include: provision of social, educational and recreational activities for the community in a welcoming, supportive environment, good quality, affordable childcare, and a range of opportunities for volunteers and people to connect with others.


Meadow Heights Learning Shop


Sunbury Neighbourhood House
531 Elizabeth Drive, Sunbury
Ph: 9740 6978
Fax: 8746 8110
Sunbury Neighbourhood House provides courses, workshops and programs, social events and clubs for the local community. The neighbourhood  house encourages lifelong learning, and skill sharing through community led initiatives aimed at improving connectedness to each other and the environment. The aim is to provide a welcoming and inclusive activity and classroom space for people to gather, share and learn from one another and for other local groups and businesses.



Tullamarine Community House
30 Carol Grove, Tullamarine
Ph: 9338 9072
Fax: 9338 6559
Tullamarine Community House offers an extensive range of educational, social and recreational programs and courses based on the needs of the community in a comfortable and relaxed environment. These programs include Child Care, 3 year old activity group, Parent Child Mother Goose, Playgroup, Cooking, Computers, Jewellery Making and Exercise Groups.


Tullamarine Community House

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