Volunteering for Emergency Recovery

Volunteers are an important part of the recovery and rebuilding effort in the weeks and months after an emergency.

Emergency Services (eg. Victoria Police, CFA, SES) are in charge of responding to any event as it happens. Local government has the responsibility of coordinating the recovery and rebuilding effort.

Recovery is an enormous task which can take weeks, months and years. It requires a vast array of skills to support affected communities.

If you are interested in volunteering:

  • Do not go to the scene of the emergency 
  • Find out more about upcoming opportunities at www.volunteer.vic.gov.au or govolunteer.com.au
  • Get involved early; that way you will have the experience, training and essential skills to help out through your volunteer organisation in an emergency.

If you are a trained emergency services volunteer, or you wish to undertake volunteer emergency services training, please contact the CFA or SES.



Updated : 10:21 AM, 16 January 2020

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