Aina Crawford
Aina started volunteering as part of her training to become a typist, but continues her volunteer role as Secretary of Hume U3A 15 years after she qualified.
Phyl Brown
Phyl started volunteering at the Royal Children’s Hospital 35 years ago and continues to volunteer there to this day.
Saleha Talash
Saleha is a full-time student and on-call volunteer. Saleha migrated to Australia from Afghanistan in 2011 and was keen help her local community.
Chris Halkidis
Chris is a part-time IT trainer with the Hume City Council’s Computer Club, assisting in the Net.Help program.
Sevgul Taylar
Sevgul started volunteering as part of her studies but enjoyed it so much she continued volunteering after her placement was over.

Updated : 1:27 PM, 18 January 2018

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