Myrtle Rust Symptoms

Myrtle Rust Fungus Detected in Victoria

Myrtle Rust Symptoms

The fungus Uredo rangelii (myrtle rust), recently found in Victoria for the first time poses a threat to Victoria's nursery, forestry and beekeeping industries, as well as to public parks and gardens and native forests. It can potentially attack all species of the Myrtaceae plant family.

Early identification of this rust is vital for effective management and Victoria’s Department of Primary Industries (DPI) should be notified immediately of all plants suspected of being infected with myrtle rust.

View images showing symptoms of myrtle rust in this flyer from the DPI - Myrtle Rust symptoms.pdf

If you find Myrtle Rust

If you think you have found myrtle rust, contact DPI on 1800 084 881 or email electronic photos of the suspect material to, together with a contact phone number. To avoid spreading the disease, do not touch, move or collect samples of the suspect material.

For more information on myrtle rust, visit the DPI website


Updated : 5:10 PM, 1 August 2013

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