Dogs in Parks

Where can I exercise my dog off-leash?

This map shows places where dogs can be exercised off-leash (green), places where time restrictions apply (yellow), and places where no dogs are allowed at all (red).

Where can dogs go?

Access for dogs to public places will vary from place to place.

Dogs on-leash areas

All public spaces in Hume are designated on-leash unless otherwise designated as ‘dog off-leash areas’ or ‘dogs prohibited areas’ and identifiable with signage.

In on-leash areas the owner is to have their dog on a short leash by means of a chain, cord or lead, which is no more than two metres in length. This is exempted if Council has granted permission for an off-leash activity to take place, such as dog obedience club activities, dog show or the like.

Dogs are not allowed:

  • in ‘dogs prohibited’ areas
  • on sportsfields unless the sportsfield is a designated dogs off leash area
  • to enter any water body
  • within the boundary of a playspace, BMX/skate facility, or similar facility
  • to rush at, attack, bite, worry or chase wildlife.

Designated dogs off-leash areas

Dog off-leash areas are public places where dogs are permitted to be off-leash, including fenced off-leash areas. However, dog owners must have effective control of their dogs at all times and must abide by relevant rules and regulations. Find out more about taking your dog off-leash in Hume.

Designated dogs prohibited areas

Public places where dogs are not permitted under any circumstances. Find out more about designated dogs prohibited areas in Hume.

Dog owner responsibilities

For the health and safety of all open space users, dog owners are required to follow these general rules in addition to complying with site specific rules:

  • Dogs must be under effective control at all times.
  • Dogs are required to be on a short leash (no longer than two metres) within 10 metres of formal picnic facilities, trails, sport events and outdoor exercise equipment, wetlands and water bodies, car parks, markets and community events.
  • Dogs are required to be on a short leash (no longer than two metres) within 50 metres of a playspace or BMX/skate facility.
  • Dog off-leash areas adjacent to schools will revert to dogs on-leash areas during the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday on school days.
  • Dogs must not be tied up within 10 metres of a school or preschool entry.
  • Dogs must not be tied up near a pathway such that they can go onto the pathway.
  • Dogs over 3 months of age are required to be registered with Council and be wearing a current registration tag when in a public place.
  • Dog owners are required to clean up after their dogs, as this is considered littering.

Updated : 1:01 PM, 4 February 2020

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