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What is the Business Efficiency Network?

Business Efficiency Network

The Business Efficiency Network (BEN) is a collaborative partnership between Hume City Council, businesses of all shapes and sizes within Hume and beyond, government, education and private organisations who are committed to supporting competitive, resource efficient enterprises. BEN activities focus on the key areas of resource and energy efficiency, cleantech and resource recovery.The purpose of the Business Efficiency Network is to:

  • Stimulate a diverse and resilient economy
  • Facilitate low carbon businesses
  • Facilitate innovative enterprises
  • Support business learning

Business efficiency is simply smart business, and key to making your enterprise more resilient and competitive in light of changing financial, environmental and global market circumstances. Join the Business Efficiency Network

What does the Business Efficiency Network do?

The Business Efficiency Network coordinates opportunities for businesses to access education, programs and support to improve their operations, resource efficiency and financial competitiveness. We do this through:

  • Organising regular forums for businesses that are industry specific -(click through for details about the next BEN Forum)
  • Providing information on various programs and funding available to businesses that support resource efficiency, productivity and financial savings
  • Coordinating business programs that support resource efficiency, productivity and financial savings
  • Providing opportunities for businesses to network with each other through forums, events, programs and digital media

Who's involved in the Business Efficiency Network?

Hume is home to a wide variety of businesses that create local employment and have unrivalled access to great business and logistics infrastructure in the greater Melbourne area. Key business areas include the automotive, aviation, food, freight and distribution, hospitality, manufacturing, resource recovery and retail sectors. The size and scope of businesses in Hume is also varied, ranging from modest sole operators and home-based businesses to large import/export companies and services. The BEN also comprises members from Local, State and Federal Government, educational institutions and environmental consultancies.

People with a passion for business excellence, their local community, environmental sustainability and a willingness to think outside of the square to embrace new possibilities are members of the Business Efficiency Network.

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How do I get involved in the Business Efficiency Network?

All you need to do is subscribe to the Business Efficiency Network email list, and we'll keep you up to date with the latest news, events and opportunities for your business. Join the Business Efficiency Network

Business Efficiency Network Forums

BEN Forums cover a range of sustainable business topics across industry sectors, and are normally held quarterly in February, May, August and November. For further information, please visit the Sustainable Business News and Events page.

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