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I received a notice of a planning application in the mail – what does this mean?

If you have received a notice of a planning application in the mail it means that there is a planning proposal in your area which may affect you.

If you would like to view the proposal you can visit one of the customer service offices listed on the notification or view the documents online. You also have the option to object to the proposal.

For further information, view the Understanding the advertising process of a planning application factsheet.

I have concerns about a nearby property: are they complying with a planning permit?

If you are worried that a development is not complying with endorsed plans issued as part of a planning permit, you can submit your concerns in writing to the Statutory Planning team by emailing us at or posting your letter to the Council offices.

In your letter, please include:

  • Your name
  • Your contact number
  • Your own property address
  • The address details of the property you are enquiring about; and
  • The nature of your enquiry or concerned

A planning enforcement officer will investigate, and contact you to discuss the outcome.

How do I object to an application?

An objection can be submitted in response to an advertised planning application and will be considered before Council has made its decision.

To object to a proposal, you can fill out an objection form, or write a letter detailing how the proposal will affect you. Please include your contact details and your comments regarding any potential issues or concerns.

If you are not sure how a proposal will affect you, we recommend that you view all of the application’s advertised documents before contacting the planner assessing the proposal. You can do this in person by visiting one of the customer service offices listed on the notice, or online.

All objections must be made in writing and must quote the application number, property address and your name, address and signature. Written objections ensure that you’re kept informed throughout the process and about Council’s final decision.

Objections should be submitted before the date specified on the notice to ensure that they are considered before Council makes a decision on the application.

For further information, view the Understanding the advertising process of a planning application factsheet

Can I contest or appeal council’s decision regarding a proposed development in my neighbourhood?

Yes. An objector can contest the decision of Council to issue a notice of decision to grant a permit. If you appeal, the decision will be reviewed by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Planning List).

You must appeal or contest Council’s decision within 21 days of the date on the notice. Fees set by the Tribunal will apply. 

Updated : 8:26 AM, 24 May 2018

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