Planning Forms and Resources

This page lists the forms and resources pertaining to the planning process, along with relevant external links.

Please note that planning fees apply to most applications and must be submitted with all of the requirement documentation. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

Planning documents can be addressed to Statutory Planning at or the Council's postal address PO Box 119, Dallas VIC 3047.

The Victorian State Government have recently announced that there will be a change in statutory planning fees. The new fees have been in place from July 2019. You can find out more about the new fees on their website.

Factsheets and Checklists
External Links
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New Applications

Planning permit application form

VicSmart planning permit application form

Amendment Applications                 

Application to amend a planning permit (section 72) form

Application to amend plans under secondary consent form

Planning Information

Also available online through eHume.

Application for information on planning controls form

Application for copies of planning permits and endorsed plans form

Please note: Prior to applying for Copy of Plans, please clarify that it is Planning plans you require. If you require structural plans you may need to apply for Building Copy of Plans. Contact Council 9205 2200. Copies of plans which have not been endorsed under the planning permit are not classified as public documents. To request a copy of these plans you are required to apply through the Freedom of Information process. Visit the Freedom of Information page of this website or call our customer service team on (03) 9205 2200 for more information.


Objection to permit application form

Statutory declaration form A (14 days)

Statutory declaration form B (14 days, newspaper ad. required)


Request for an extension of time to a planning permit form  (Also available online through eHume.)

Report and consent demolition form (section 29A) (Also available online through eHume.)

Subdivision compliance inspection form

Declaration to amend a current planning application

Factsheets & Checklists

Planning process

Pre-application meetings

Planning permit checklist

How to complete a planning permit application form

General planning information factsheet

General planning application checklist

Decision timelines for planning applications

Single dwellings

Single dwellings on lots under 300 square metres planning application checklist

New dwellings or house extension in a heritage overlay

Multiple dwellings & subdivision     

Multi dwellings planning application checklist

Can my property be subdivided?

Guidelines for Waste Collection from Multi-Unit Developments

Neighbourhood and site description design response planning application checklist

Hume City Council development plan guidelines (2010)

Other development or use

Change of use planning application checklist

Satellite dish planning application checklist

Buildings and works (excluding dwellings) planning application checklist

Display Homes

Commercial or community development

Liquor licensing for licensed premises

Landscape guidelines for commercial, industrial and residential landscapes

Aged Accommodation

Caravan Parks

Child-minding Centres

Convenience Shops

Medical Centres & Veterinary Surgeries

Neighbourhood Shopping Centres

Animal Boarding & Dog Breeding

Auto Parts Recyclers

Outdoor Advertising

Poultry Farming Planning Guidelines

Freeway Service Centres Design Guidelines

You can view information regarding other uses and developments (such as Home Based Business) on the Hume Planning Scheme website.

Temporary signage

Guidelines for temporary signs

Application for temporary signs (Council land)

Please note, applications for temporary signs on Council land should be directed to the Property Development department on (03) 9205 2200. Visit this page for further information.

Development Plans & Procedures

Coolaroo Strategic Analysis Report

Craigieburn Approach Policy

Craigieburn Inter Urban Break Implementation Strategy

Hamilton Street Neighbourhood Shopping Centre

Goonawarra Local Structure Plan

Merri Creek & Environs Strategy

Roxburgh Park Development Guidelines

Sunbury Town Approach Policy

Vineyard Road Employment Area (Millett Road)

Environment & Sustainability

Contact the Sustainable Environment Department on (03) 9205 2200 for further information.

Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP)


1.0 - Indoor Environment Quality

2.0 - Energy Efficiency

2.1 - Sunshading

3.0 - Water Efficiency

4.0 - Stormwater Management

4.1 - Site Permeability

5.0 - Building Materials

6.0 - Transport

7.0 - Waste Management

8.0 - Urban Ecology

8.1 - Green Roofs, Walls & Facades

9.0 - Innovation

9.1 - Melbourne Climate

10.0 - Construction & Building Management

Industrial stormwater management factsheets:


Rain gardens

Permeable paving

Rainwater tanks

Structural isolation

Deemed to Comply Tool

How to use the Deemed to Comply Tool

Industrial stormwater code of practice

Contact the Sustainable Environment Department on (03) 9205 2200 for further information. 


Understanding the advertising process of a planning application

Advertising signage planning application checklist

Key issues for property owners factsheet

Appeals to VCAT checklist

Airport Industrial Zone (Annandale Road, Keilor)

Social Impact Assessment Policy Frequently Asked Questions


External links

Using Victoria's Planning System  
A general guide to Victoria's planning system            

Hume Planning Scheme
View the Hume Planning Scheme and find out more information about the zones and overlays relating to your property

Land Titles Office
Obtain a Certificate of Title - a requirement for all planning permit applications 

Information on the state government's new fast track planning application process

The online system used for all subdivision applications

Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) Planning & Environment List
Planning & Environment List Hears and determines planning and environmental disputes

Telecommunication services and facilities in subdivisions
A factsheet providing more information on the telecommunication requirements for subdivisions introduced in 2013

Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP)
Provides statutory and strategic guidance about the Victorian planning system

Planning & Environment Act 1987
The framework for planning in Victoria relating to the use, development and protection of land

Subdivision Act 1988 
Sets out the procedure for the subdivision and consolidation of land. The act also relates to the creation, variation and removal of easements or restrictions            

Planning Scheme Amendments Online
Provides up to date information on the status of amendments to all planning schemes in Victoria and the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP)

Office of Aboriginal Affairs Victoria
Provides advice to the Victorian Government on Aboriginal policy and planning, and delivers key programs

Apiary Code of Practice 2011
A document for the management of beehives which incorporates a standard that all people who own, manage or operate honey beehives in Victoria must comply with

Code of Practice for Circus & Carnivals 1997
Aims to protect the amenity of residents and provide a degree of certainty to the circus and carnival industry by setting out the relevant requirements if a site is to be occupied by a circus or carnival for short periods.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Questionnaire
Department of Planning & Community Development questionnaire to determine if a Cultural Management Plan is required with your application.

Policy & Instructions for the purchase, compulsory acquisition and sale of land 2000
A policy that all government agencies and authorities must use to ensure a consistent approach to property transactions.

Code of practice: private tennis court development 1999
Guidelines for a consistent approach to planning controls over private tennis courts throughout Victoria.

Requirements for water supplies and access for subdivisions 2006
Fire-safety requirements to assist with the design and approvals process for residential subdivisions.

Code of practice for telecommunications facilities in Victoria 2004
Sets out circumstances and requirements under which land may be developed for a telecommunications facility.

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
Key principles and examples of how and where water sensitive urban design can be integrated into new developments.

Constructed Wetlands Guidelines 2010
Provides clarity around the requirements for designing constructed wetlands in new subdivisions.

Referral Authorities

City West Water  
Country Fire Association (CFA)

Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP)

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA)

Jemena Electricity Networks

Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Water

Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB)

Public Transport Victoria (PTV)

SP Ausnet


Western Water

Yarra Valley Water


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