Do I need a planning permit?

The information provided on this page is general in nature. You can contact Statutory Planning (03) 9205 2802 to discuss your proposal further.

For confirmation (in writing) of this advice you will need to submit an application for Information on Planning Controls. This form can be obtained on our Planning Forms and Resources page and must be submitted to Council with the appropriate fee. This will allow one of our planners to properly research your proposed use or development on the site and provide you with an adequate response.

For the development of additional buildings on my property?

We don’t generally impose a certain number of buildings which can be developed on a property, but consider how the siting and design of the buildings are shown on plans. These requirements take into account the zoning of the land and overlays, as well as any restrictions on the land.

We recommend that you discuss any plans for more than one dwelling on a property with a private planning consultant or building designer / architect before contacting Council. In most cases a planning permit will be required to build more than one dwelling on a parcel of land.

Prior to contacting Council it is important to:

  • Have a full copy of your Certificate of Title (including details on any relevant restrictions or covenants)
  • Be aware of the zoning and overlays of your property


To subdivide my property?

Subdivision is the division of land into two or more lots which can be sold separately. Subdivision can also include re-aligning or altering title boundaries even if the number of lots does not change.

Whether or not you can subdivide varies on a number of factors, including zones, overlays and any restrictions on the land.

If you want to subdivide your land, there are three stages you must be aware of:

  • obtaining a planning permit to subdivide
  • certifying a plan of subdivision and
  • releasing a statement of compliance

There is no minimum lot size for residential subdivision. However, in most cases you will need to apply for a permit to develop your land before making an application to subdivide. Once the development permit is obtained, the subdivision should be a straightforward process which creates boundaries in line with the approved development.

Subdivision is complicated and has certain legal requirements; therefore the applicant must be a licensed land surveyor. To find a licensed land surveyor you can go to the Association of Consulting Surveyors website, or the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria website. In most cases, your surveyor will be our primary contact, so we recommend that you speak to them first if you have any questions.

For more information view Council’s subdivision factsheet (.pdf)

To remove a tree from my property?

You typically will not require a planning permit to remove a tree on your property, although you may need consent from Council. Before contacting Council, please check the following:

  • Is the tree native to Victoria?
  • Is the tree detailed in the original garden landscaping or shown on the endorsed plans?
  • Are there any tree controls listed on your Certificate of Title?
  • Are there any tree controls noted in developer’s estate guidelines?
  • Are there any conditions on your planning permit protecting vegetation?
  • Is your property larger than 4000 square metres in size?

If you are unsure, please submit a request in writing to Council with the following documents, in addition to the information above.

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your property address
  • A plan of your property showing the location of trees including their dimension and height
  • A description of the tree species
  • An explanation as to why the tree is proposed to be removed

Requests to remove native vegetation are assessed under clause 52.17  of the Hume Planning Scheme.

To run a home business?

Before you start a business on your own property, you must meet certain requirements laid out in clause 52.11  of the Hume Planning Scheme. If you can’t meet these requirements the business cannot operate on your property.
There may also be zones or overlays which will affect your proposal. Prior to contacting Council about starting a home business, it is recommended that you check these guidelines, zones and overlays first.  
Some occupations may also require other permits. For example, businesses requiring food handling may need to be referred to Council’s Health Department. You should also ensure that you obtain any relevant business permits – see our Home-based business page for more information. For assistance with starting your business you may want to contact Council’s Economic Development team. Our customer service officers will help direct enquiries to these departments if you call (03) 9205 2200.

To build a warehouse or factory?

A planning permit is required to build a warehouse or factory.  In some instances you will need a planning permit to use an existing building for a factory or warehouse.  In non-commercial areas it is unlikely that a warehouse or factory will be allowed. Please contact Statutory Planning for more information.

To display signage on my property?

You may need a planning permit to display signage on your property. Please contact Council with the following information to discuss:

  • proposed location of the sign
  • dimensions
  • type of sign (check the planning scheme  for further information)
  • whether there are any existing signs on the land

Signs that normally require a planning permit include business identification signage, internally illuminated signs and major promotion signs.

Community signs can not be placed on council roads but may be displayed on private property if they meet the requirements of clause 52.05-04 in the Hume Planning Scheme.
To place a sign on a road maintained by VicRoads, contact VicRoads directly. View the guidelines for more information.
To place a sign on council land (such as a reserve), please fill in the appropriate form or contact the Property Development department for further information on (03) 9205 2200.

To install a satellite dish?

A planning permit may not be required to use land to construct, install or carry out works for a satellite dish if it meets specific conditions.
For more information on obtaining planning permits for a satellite dish, view our Satellite DIsh checklist.

To demolish a building?

Planning permits are sometimes required to remove a building or structure.
To confirm whether you do need one, please complete form 29A and submit it to Statutory Planning with the relevant fee.

To open a licensed venue?

You may need to obtain a Liquor License to use land for selling or consuming liquor, prior to applying for a planning permit.
For further information you can view the liquor licensing checklist for licensed premises

Updated : 10:58 AM, 12 June 2018

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