Hume Planning Scheme Amendments

The Hume Planning Scheme sets out the controls that Council use to make decisions about land use and development in Hume. As our municipality changes, Council’s strategy, planning policies and provisions may also change and require the planning scheme to be updated.

Amending the Planning Scheme

Changes to the planning scheme are called amendments and the process is set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act). Planning Scheme Amendment respond to policy changes through changing the way land can be used or developed to support a new policy direction or to achieve a planning outcome.

Planning scheme amendments involve making changes to:

  • a scheme ordinance;
  • written content, such as the local policy and zones and overlays; or
  • Planning scheme maps, for example a rezoning or introduction or removal of an overlay.

Anyone can propose an amendment to the Hume Planning Scheme but the process is complex and can be costly.

Current Planning Scheme Amendments

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has prepared and is currently exhibiting Amendment C243hume to the Hume Planning Scheme. As Council’s Customer Service centres are currently closed due to COVID-19 measures, the amendment documentation can only be viewed online or by visiting the VPA offices (details below). If you have any difficulty viewing the documentation please contact Megan Taylor, Director Outer Melbourne at the VPA on (03) 9651 9600 to make alternative arrangements to obtain a copy of the amendment documentation.

The amendment proposes to make changes to the Hume Planning Scheme to replace the existing interim Sunbury South and Lancefield Road Infrastructure Contribution Plan (ICP) that applies to land affected by the Sunbury South and Lancefield Road Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs). The Victorian Government website can assist you to view documentation associated with the Amendment.

Submissions about the amendment must be sent to the VPA and Hume City Council and be received by 9 June 2020.

Victorian Planning Authority                    Hume City Council

Level 25                                                      1079 Pascoe Vale Road

35 Collins Street                                          Broadmeadows

MELBOURNE 3000                                     VIC 3047                                

If you wish to speak to the VPA about the amendment please contact Megan Taylor, Director Outer Melbourne at the VPA on 9651 9600.

If you wish to speak to a Council officer about the amendment please email and provide your contact details. Please include “Amendment C243” in the subject line.

All planning scheme amendments to the Hume Planning Scheme, including past amendments, are available at Planning Scheme Amendments online.

Updated : 9:01 PM, 25 May 2020

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