Building Guidelines

Before you build or renovate, it is important that you have all the relevant building permits and approvals.

Whether you are building a new house, commercial or industrial building, extending a building or making new improvements such as a verandah, carport, garage, shed, deck, fence, retaining wall, gazebo, swimming pool or spa - a building permit is required. 

All Building Forms can be found on our forms page.

Building Permit Applications

To apply for a Building Permit, download the Building Permit Application Form from our forms page.

Fees and Charges

Download the Building Fee Schedule to see what fees and charges are required.

Asset Protection

Before you commence any building work, including work that does not require a building permit, Council must be notified about any damage that already exists to local road assets, footpaths, kerb and channels, drainage pits and nature strips.

Asset Protection helps Hume City Council to ensure public assets and infrastructure are not damaged as a result of any building or demolition work being carried out in the municipality.

Download the Asset Protection Permit form before commencing any work.

Building over easements

An easement is an authorised organisation or business' right to use a defined part of another person’s land without owning it.

An easement can be stated and visible on the title plan or it can be implied. Easements may be provided over a lot to enable access for maintenance and repair or to provide water or sewerage services.

While easements generally run along a property boundary; the assets are not necessarily contained within an easement. Easements must be easily accessed at all times.

 If you wish to build over an easement you must submit a Report Consent Application.

Property information requests

Landowners may request for information on another property by submitting a Property Information Application Form.


Council's Half_Cost_Fencing_Policy outlines when Council will or will not contribute to the repair or replacement of fencing between Council-owned and privately-owned land.

It also outlines the responsibilities of those engaged to construct, repair or replace a fencing bounding Council land. Council is obliged to comply with its obligations under the Fences Act 1968.

Download Council's Half_Cost_Fencing_Specifications for more information.




Updated : 10:05 AM, 11 September 2018

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