Driveways & Naturestrips


Are you building a driveway?

If you are building a driveway anywhere within Hume City you must contact Council to obtain consent. Driveways cross over nature strips, footpaths and kerbs, which are valuable Council assets and consent is required to build over/or around these properties. Without consent you cannot construct, install, remove or alter a vehicle crossing. To obtain consent, contact Council before commencing work to arrange an inspection of the location.

For more advice and information call the Road Management Team on 9205 2200.

Are you altering or extending your driveway?

Council approval and consent is required before any changes are made to existing driveways. Council approval must be obtained prior to the removal or alteration of existing driveway access, i.e. the section of driveway on Council property between the property boundary and the kerb.

Vehicle Cross Over and Road Opening Permits

 All work on Council Road Reserves (i.e. vehicle crossings, nature strips landscaping or utility works) requires consent.

 If you want to undertake works on a vehicle crossing or  undertake utility services work in a nature strip, read this information and complete this form: Consent to work within a Hume Road Reserve.

Please contact 9205 2200 for clarification of fees.

Before landscaping or planting on your nature strip please read this section.

The following treatment options will be considered:

  • Grass – Warm season/drought tolerant Couch/Fescue, Buffalo or Kikuyu. These are hard wearing and require up to 60 per cent less watering.
  • Mulch – organic barks or inorganic gravel like Tuscan toppings or granitic sand.
  • Plants –  only low growing species below 400mm allowed

Before applying please make sure to read the following documents:

Nature Strip landscaping and planting information sheet (PDF)

Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines (PDF)

Landscaping and Nature Strip Planting Permit Application Form (PDF)

The below information may also be useful:

Example of a completed form for seeking approval for nature strip planting (PDF)

Hume City Council Nature Strip Policy (PDF)

Nature Strip Landscaping & Compliance Frequently Asked Questions page.

Submit (with your site photos, design and any required approvals) to any Hume Customer Service Centre and mark Attention: Parks Department or send to:
Hume Parks Department
PO Box 119
Dallas 3047

Please note: Residents are not permitted to plant trees on nature strips. Works are not to be started until you receive approval by Council.

Nature Strips and Street Trees

Would you like a tree on your nature strip?

The Towards a Leafier City program aims to plant 5,000 street trees per year in Hume. Our tree planting season begins in April and runs until September.
If you would like a street tree, please contact us on 9205 2200.

Does your nature strip tree need pruning?

A qualified arborist from our Parks staff will need to assess the tree and determine if pruning is needed.
To arrange an inspection please contact Customer Service on 9205 2200.

Removal of street trees

Council does not remove nature strip trees unless they are structurally unsound, dead or in decline. If you believe a tree is structurally unsound, dead or in decline an assessment by a qualified arborist from our Parks staff will need to be organised by calling us on 9205 2200.

Updated : 11:58 AM, 19 June 2020

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