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Are you about to start building or renovating?

Then it is important that you have obtained all relevant building permits before you start any works.

Whether building a verandah, carport, deck, fence, retaining wall, gazebo, swimming pool or spa - a building permit is required. Search our Building Forms.

What is a Building Permit?

Building permits are designed to protect your building and, more importantly, you and your family.

Under Victorian Law - the Building Act 1993 and Building Regulations 2006 - most building work requires issuing a building permit, including most alterations, demolitions and removals.

Building permits are the documents you need to indicate that a building surveyor (Council or private) has approved building work to be carried out before it begins.

When building and renovating your home, a planning permit may also be required, so please also check with Council's Statutory Planning department.

Council can also provide technical advice by our Qualified Building Surveyors and Building Inspectors to assist home and property owners with general enquiries regarding building regulations and other building related concerns.

Some minor work is exempt, but if in doubt, ask the question. It is essential for owner builders and registered builders to obtain a building permit for the work before building starts.

A Building Permit ensures that:

  • Your building practitioners are registered and insured
  • Adequate documentation for your building works is prepared
  • Independent reviews of you building documentation are performed
  • Key stages of your building work is independently inspected
  • Once work is complete, your building is independently assessed as suitable for use or occupation

Fees and Charges

Download the Building Fee Schedule to see what fees and charges are required. This can be found on our forms page.

Pay Building Fees by Credit Card

Council has developed and implemented the eHume online applications system for those applicants who wish to transact and pay for applications by way of the internet.   Applications for regulation 51 (1), (2) and (3) certificates, regulation 133 Stormwater Connection point reports and the Size, Depth & Offset of Council Drains can now be made through the eHume online applications system.

Need a Planning Permit too?

Building projects like new units, demolitions, renovations, extensions and sometimes new fences may need a planning permit. Check with statutory planning on 9205 2200 before starting the design of a building project. Link to planning information.

What does a Building Surveyor do?

A building surveyor will issue a building permit ensuring the building and drawings comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code.

Supporting Documents Required

When you meet with the building surveyor they will need to see the following documents.

  1. Building Permit Application Form
  2. Certificate of Title, Plan of subdivision (allotment plans) & covenant details
  3. 3 x sets of Site Plans
  4. 3 x sets of fully dimensioned Architectural Plans

Council does not hold Certificate of Titles. We cannot give sound advice on any restrictions that may affect your property.
For further information visit Department of Sustainability and Environment

Asset Protection Permit Application

Link to more information about Asset Protection.

Building and Works Code of Practice

Council's Local Law No.1 - 2013 requires builders to comply with the Building and Works Code of Practice in the following areas which can be found here.

Property Information Application & Permit to Connect to Stormwater

For a Permit to connect to stormwater (legal point of discharge) see Application for Property Info. Link to more information about stormwater connections.

For more information or assistance please contact Building Control Services Department on 9205 2200.

A Guide to Assessing Your Property's Bushfire Attack Level (BAL).

This guide responds to the community desire to determine the potential level of bushfire risk for their home. The guide explains how to access a property's BAL under the new residential building standard using an easy six step approach.

Download the Guide to Building Bushfire Construction Requirements 2009.pdf

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Search our forms page.



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