Building Forms
See current Building Forms for download.
Building Guidelines
Read Building Guidelines.
Swimming Pools and Spas
Building permits for swimming pools, spas and pool fences.
Building Permits
Are you about to start building or renovating? Make sure you have obtained all relevant building permits before you start.
Pergolas, Sheds & Carports
Building Permit requirements for pergolas, sheds, carports, garages and verandahs.
Driveways & Naturestrips
Before you start making changes to your existing driveway, stop and remember you will need to obtain Council consent. This page includes the Consent to Work in a Hume City Council Road Reserve application form.
Find out more about fencing requirements and pool safety fences.
Stormwater connections
Find out more information about stormwater connections, including the property information application form.

Updated : 11:21 AM, 17 March 2020

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