Statutory Planning
The Statutory Planning team assesses planning applications and requests to subdivide land, issues planning permits, enforces compliance with planning permits and investigates complaints regarding the use and development of land.
Building, Renovations & Extensions
Are you about to start building or renovating? Make sure you have obtained all relevant building permits before you start.
Are you an owner-builder?
Understand the risks and responsibilities.
Hume City Council provides verbal advice and issues Statements of Compliance for Plans of Subdivision.
Building & Planning Documents
Search our Building & Planning documents.
Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning team is responsible for the development of land use and planning policies and strategies; administering and reviewing the Hume Planning Scheme; and working with the State Government in planning new growth areas.
Hume Planning Scheme Amendments
The Hume Planning Scheme sets out the controls that Council use to make decisions about land use and development in Hume. As our municipality changes, Council’s strategy, planning policies and provisions may also change and require the planning scheme to be updated.

Updated : 7:50 PM, 23 July 2014

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