Our Vision & Mission


Hume City Council will be recognised as a leader in achieving social, environmental and economic outcomes with a common goal of connecting our proud community and celebrating the diversity of Hume.


To enhance the social, economic and environmental prosperity of our community through vision, leadership, excellence and inclusion.

We Value

Our Citizens
We will promote democratic representation and genuinely engage our citizens to promote a sense of belonging within a healthy, safe, strong and diverse community

We will lead the way to identify community needs and best practice service delivery models and advocate for an integrated approach to service provisions.

Our services and facilities will be high quality and we will pursue efficiency and continuous improvement through customer focus and innovation.

Our Staff
We will demonstrate this by encouraging, supporting and developing our employees to achieve service excellence and a sense of unity, pride and fulfillment.

Partnerships with the Federal and State Governments
We will work together to achieve the equitable provision of services and infrastructure to meet current and future community needs.

Our Community Organisations
We will work in partnership with them to build community wellbeing, resilience and capacity.

Updated : 2:27 PM, 4 June 2013

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