City Profile
General information on the size, area and people of Hume City.
Our Vision & Mission
Read our commitment to the Hume community through our Vision and Mission.
City Maps
View and print maps of Hume City. Discover your city walking and cycling maps.
City Statistics
View demographic, economic and social information for Hume City, its suburbs/rural areas and its residents.
Local History
View the history of Hume City Council and links to local history.
2020 Hume Australia Day Award Winners
Exceptional members of the community have been recognised at the 2020 Hume Australia Day awards.
Suburb Boundary Review
As the municipality grows, Hume City Council is undertaking a review of suburb boundaries to ensure the suburb size and design meets the need of our current and future community. Council will complete this review in consultation with Geographic Names Victoria.

Updated : 5:50 PM, 12 March 2013

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